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What is FoSTaC

What is FoSTaC

Food Safety Training & Certification(FoSTaC) is a large scale training and certification ecosystem for Food Businesses across the food value chain. Persons successfully trained & certified under FoSTaC will be termed as Food Safety Supervisor(FSS). These Food Safety Supervisors in turn will train other food handlers in their premises, to create an ecosystem of trained persons.

FoSTaC has been designed by FSSAI to fulfil its mandate Section 16(3) h of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. Under FoSTaC, the curriculum and content for 16 courses for different kinds of food businesses on three competency levels I e Basic, Advanced & Special has been created centrally by domain experts. Training is to be delivered through Training Partners including Large Food Businesses, Academic and Vocational Institutions, Training Agencies approved under Skill Development Councils and Missions, Industry, Scientific and Technology Associations and Civil Society Organisations. 


The objectives of the FOSTAC are listed below:

  • To bring behavioural change and inculcating a culture of food safety across the country.
  • To create an improved environment of self-compliance to food safety and standards. 

About the training:

FSSAI has initiated the certification program of training through its initiative called FoSTaC.It means food safety training and certification. There are nine different types of courses meant for different types of food businesses on their ability and expertise, however, every food business operator to must have at least one certified personnel who can be held responsible for all the implementation of food safety measurement or shortfall thereof.

FSSAI takes into account every minute detail of a food process by scientific standards to ensure food safety compliance and regulation right from their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import to ensuring provision of safe and wholesome food that fits human consumption.

Requisition of FSSAI:

The safety supervisor course is a must for every FBO. It is necessary for every hotel, dhaba, restaurant, rail and flight catering services, general caterers, canteens and any other organization involved in food business to procure a food safety supervisor course in due time.

Here is the list of categories which mandate the certification programs that a licensed FBO must obtain:

  • Food Safety Supervisor - Street Food Vending

  • Food Safety Supervisor- Advance Catering

  • Food Safety Supervisor- Basic Catering.

  • Food Safety Supervisor- Advance Manufacturing

  • Food Safety Supervisor- Basic Manufacturing

  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special- Bakery

  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special – Oil

  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special – Milk & Milk Products

  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special – Water & Water Based Beverages


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21 July, 2018

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