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Should You Trademark Your Blog Name

Should You Trademark Your Blog Name?

Millions of blogs exist across the internet. Some have grown to massive proportions, while others remain firmly in a particular niche. Whatever the case, bloggers face legal issues similar to that of their print publishing counterparts. That is, they need to protect their intellectual property.

Why You Should Trademark and Copyright Your Blog Name and Logo?

Registering a trademark is not mandatory to make a business website in the United States. If you run a small personal blog or business website and do not have plans to grow it further, then your creative works are already protected by the copyright.

On the other hand, if you are doing business across states and plan to grow further, then it becomes really important to register your trademark and copyright.

Registering your trademark and copyright allows you to stop others from using the same or similar business name. You can get exclusive right to use your trademark for business.

It also makes you responsible for enforcing the trademark. This means that if you find someone infringing your rights, then you need to send them a cease or desist letter and take further legal action if necessary.

You Probably Should Not Trademark your Blog Name if…

Not every blog is worth trademarking. If any of the statements below are true for you and your blog, you should think twice before starting the trademark registration process:
  • You primarily use your blog to share personal information
  • Your blog and blog name are confusingly similar to another well-known blog that has trademark protection
  • You’ve copied or repurposed a lot of content from other places on the web
  • You haven’t started sharing anything on your blog yet
  • You don’t ever really intend to use your blog for business or branding purposes
  • The Benefits of Trademarking your Blog Name

    With trademark ownership comes many advantages. If your blog meets the criteria listed above, it might be time to think about a federal trademark registration. You can then realize the many benefits of trademark registration, including:

  • Legal ownership of the mark
  • The ability to pursue legal action against infringers
  • Your trademark will appear in searches, which serves as notice of your rights
  • The ability to block imported goods from using your mark
  • An easier path to international trademark rights
  • Use of the ® registered trademark symbol
  • Trademarking your blog name can also help you build brand recognition and strengthen your brand’s reputation. You will build credibility among your followers and prospects, and help convince others (especially your competitors) that your content is original and valuable, and shouldn’t be copied or used without your permission.

    How to Apply for a Trademark

    First, you need to understand what you can submit as a trademark in your application.

  • You cannot submit a name that someone else is already using as their trademark.
  • Your name cannot be too similar to an existing trademark
  • It needs to be unique and not too generic
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    21 July, 2018

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