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Gumasta License Renewal

Gumasta License Renewal

When an individual aspires to commence business operation in any part of the country, acquiring a registration under the Shops and Establishment Act is essential. While each state in India has their own specific issues relating to it, each state has also issued their own state-specific shops and establishment act. For any type of business to have a physical presence in India, registration is provided under the provisions of this state-specific act by the local authority, which is primarily the Municipal Corporation. One such state governing these registrations in Maharashtra. Gumasta license is one such registration certificate that is issued by the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act in Mumbai. The application process is looked after by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Irrespective of the turnover of the business, all businesses require this registration if the employees working in the business organization are 10 or more than 10. The registration is an essential proof of legal entity for a shop, firm, or business. Moreover, it gives the employer the right to pursue business. Many banks consider this registration as a prerequisite for opening business bank accounts. While the government tries to maintain records through this registration, the registration is usually issued for a period of one year. It can be issued for a longer period after the prescribed fee is paid in this regard. Once the time period of registration is over, it requires a renewal. To continue business operations legally, renewal of Gumasta is as important as its registration.

Documents Required for Online Renewal of License

Following are the documents which are required while applying online for renewal of Gumasta License (note all documents should be of size 75kb to 100 kb only):

  • Document for the shop premises
  • Self-declaration as per the format provided on the website, i.e. https://mahakamgar.maharashtra.gov.in/lc-renewal-application-for-shop-establishment.html
  • Self-declaration for attestation as per the form provided on the site i.e. https://mahakamgar.maharashtra.gov.in/lc-renewal-application-for-shop-establishment.html
  • Undertaking the format provided on the website, i.e. https://mahakamgar.maharashtra.gov.in/lc-renewal-application-for-shop-establishment.html
  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • Proof of identity of applicant like Aadhar card, PAN card, etc
  • Copy of fee receipt which has been paid earlier.
  • Process for Renewal of License

  • You can file for renewal of license through online mode by following steps:
  • Visit the link and log on the website at www.lms.mahaonline.gov.in
  • Provide all the details required for the application.
  • Upload all the required documents for the application
  • Pay the requisite fee payable.
  • Apply for renewal
  • Check the status whether it is ‘approved’ or ‘rejected.’
  • If approved then download the registration certificate.
  • Note

    Notification to applicant will be sent on his Email or SMS. Hence request to provide email address and mobile number.

    Please check your license fits the following criteria:

  • It should be within expiry period.
  • All the Documents mentioned above should be handy.
  • Old License copy is also required.

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    21 July, 2018

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