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  • The food business can get several legal benefits

When it comes to the food industry, there are a vast number of rules and safety regulations that one needs to follow. These rules and procedures can make opening a food startup or enterprise a cumbersome task that requires one to pass through a multitude of a checkpoint. Securing an FSSAI license even before opening a business can help you get a tremendous legal advantage.  It certifies you and your business to be eligible and qualified too part take in the industry.

  • Creates consumer awareness

The consumer nowadays has more knowledge about which food has a good quality for consumption. With increasing demands of healthy food, option consumers are more interested in knowing that food they are having is safe to consume.

The FSSAI certification will spread awareness among consumers that the food you are having is secure and safe. The FSSAI licensing will add the benefit of loyalty in the customer base.

  • You can use FSSAI logo, which can build goodwill among the customers.

The FSSAI Logo is displayed on the food packages you are buying. Just look at the labels and you will see a logo FSSAI printed along with the FSSAI License Number. The logo marks the validity along with the assurance for the consumers. 

FSSAI Logo adds the advantage that the food is safe and secure for people to consume.

  • There is a huge chance of business expansion.

Many partnering companies and other brands look for an FSSAI license before investing. Having an FSSAI license can help promote your company and brand name, which will help attract opportunities to expand your business and increase turnover profit. Most food delivery apps require the restaurant to have an FSSAI license in its application.

  • Set down science-based principles

  • Regulate manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food

  • To facilitate food safety

  • The research and development sector is responsible to maintain the safety.

  • New guidelines are introduced which are compatible with international organization

  • Set up evidence proof studies for building policies.


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21 July, 2018

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